• We see ourselves as one the most outstanding service providers in the field of work platforms in Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia, as well as many other parts of central Europe.
    After acquiring the DENKALIFT brand our principles and standards apply equally for all worldwide sold units in the past.

  • Long-term fair partnerships with our customers are the focus of our everyday thinking and actions.
  • Our core competencies comprise of sound needs analysis, provision of high quality products and comprehensive, long-term customer care.
  • The measureable economic success of our customers is the yardstick of our actions.
  • Our aim is to offer our customers machines and services with which high returns on investment can be achieved.
  • For us the decisive factors with regard to technology are safety, availability and innovation, and with regard to cooperation with our customers, we view reliability, promptness and competenceas being vital.
  • We realise that our high standards can only be achieved through highly qualified and motivated employees. The personal commitment of every employee adds quality to our services.
  • We are committed to continual training and education in combination with a high degree of information and transparency.
  • An open information policy defines our external relationships to suppliers, banks, associations and the public in general.
  • We ensure our long-term success by living our belief that the challenges of the future can only be mastered through a continual process of improvement and innovation.

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