Alfa Access starts DENKA-LIFT Service in UK

Alfa Access starts to service DENKA-LIFTs in UK

Alfa Access Services Ltd ( and Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen agreed on cooperation in technical support, service and spare parts for DENKALIFTs in the UK.

The cooperation started recently with a service meeting in Sutton-in-Ashfield (Nottinghamshire) where Allen Freeman and his team from Alfa Access Services were trained on DENKA trailer and Narrow lifts.

"We appreciate Rothlehner’s solid approach to regain the old strength of the brand. With professional support and reliable parts service we’ll contribute to DENKA hire fleet owner’s and end user’s satisfaction in the UK", Allen Freeman said.

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen has been DENKA distributor for more than 25 years before they acquired the DENKA assets and rights in 2013. Now they have built up the technical support worldwide for the sold machines and produce the DENKALIFT range in Germany.

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