Denka back in production with Rothlehner

Recent delivery of a DENKA•LIFT Junior 12 to Sweden

Germany-based Rothlehner will use APEX to show that Denka Lift products are back on the market.

Rothlehner bought the rights to Danish truck and trailer mount manufacturer Denka’s products in 2013 and transferred production to Germany. By the end of this year all Denka products, to be sold under the Denka Lift brand name, will be available on the market.

So far, most models including the Junior12, DK18, DL18/21, DK25 and Narrow-type products up to 28 m are already available, with the DL25 and DL30 following later this year.


Björn Carlsson (right) receives the first Denka Lift Junior12 manufactured by Rothlehner from Manfred Rothlehner

The first Denka Junior trailer-mounted unit produced by the new organisation was delivered to Swedish distributor Carlsson & Co. in Falkenberg in March. Rothlehner owner Manfred Rothlehner hooked up the lift to his vehicle and delivered it to Carlsson himself. Another Junior12 was also delivered last month to a longstanding customer in Denmark.

Rothlehner will also use APEX, taking place 24 – 26 June in Amsterdam, to demonstrate its technical support and spare parts capabilities available through its service company Lift-Manager GmbH, located at its headquarters in Massing, Bavaria.

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