DENKA-LIFT DK18 for bavarian Construction Company

Recently, an 18m telescopic trailer lift type Denka-Lift DK18 was delivered to the planning and construction company Hinterschwepfinger .
Among the services of the company, founded in 1956 in Mehring near Burghausen in Upper Bavaria, is the planning and execution of new and extension buildings for industrial and commercial enterprises.

The new DK18 will be used in future for a variety of construction site work. The working height of the machine is 18m, the maximum lateral reach is 11.30m. The DK18 comes as standard with a hydraulic maneuvering aid, a rotatable work cage and an internal power cable.
The device delivered in house color also has the option „Automatic support“ .

Hinterschwepfinger DK18
The team of Hinterschwepfinger takes over the new Denka-Lift DK18