DENKA-LIFT DK18 for Czech customer

Czech Facility Management company with a new DK18

At the end of July a new DENKALIFT DK18 was handed over to the facility management company Pomáhat a chránit.

The trailer-mounted working platform DK18 will serve cleaning a logistic center areal near Olomouc, Middle Moravian.

"The Denka-Lift DK18 is the right machine with perfect performance and light weighting for transport inside the huge areal. We believe the machine will help to increase our quality service for customers looking for professional facility maintenance", said the managing director Mr. Barnet.

Denka-Lift DK18 Rothlehner Prag

Mr. Barnet (r) from company Pomahat a chranit takes over the DK18 from Rothlehnerner’s area sales manager Radek Koutny