Denka-Lift DK25 for German rental group

Wittrock Group boosts trailer-stage fleet with Denka-Lift DK25 –

Herrmann & Wittrock GmbH & Co. KG has added another trailer platform of the type DENKALIFT DK25 trailer platform to the rental park. With over 20 branches in Germany, the Wittrock Group is a well-known name on the market of aerial work platform and construction machinery rental companies.

Now another 25m telescopic platform has been commissioned at the yard in Berlin. Demand for Hermann and Wittrock is the result of increased demand, especially in large cities. Trailer work platforms are lightweight and compact (for example, DK25: 25m working height at 2,450kg). They easily reach locations with narrow, low driveways, such as in courtyards or buildings. They are suitable for working on soils with low load capacity, eg. As green areas, gymnasiums or parking decks. The delivered DK25 has in addition to the extensive standard equipment still a gasoline power generator.

denka lift dk25
(from left) hand over to Mr. Degenkolb and Mr. Beranek

denka lift dk25