Eleven new DENKA-LIFTs for Roggermaier

Denka-pack for rental company Roggermaier

In the past year, three of the new DL22N Narrow have been part of a comprehensive package of 11 DENKA-LIFTs ordered by Roggermaier GmbH to replace the older machines from their DENKA fleet.
In the course of this, several detail improvements have been realised at the request of the customer and have now been adopted into our series production.
NEW: With the trailer platforms with a rear-facing basket, the Junior 12, DK18 and DK25, there is now optional LED illumi- nation which can be permanently attached to the basket.

PB Scherenbühne Elbe Flugzeugwerk
The DL22N for Roggermaier were equipped with a remote control to steer the hydraulic drive