Anhänger-Arbeitsbühne Europ-Lift TM15GT-1
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Our range of articulated telescopic trailer arial platforms encompasses 4 models with working heights from 12 to 18 m.

This construction type is mainly characterised by compact dimensions and an „up and over“ function which enables it to overcome obstacles.

Various drive concepts using either battery, mains power or combustion engines enable this machine to be used both indoor and outdoor.
Simple operation and purpose built equipment are a main feature of this machine category.

All models offer a movable jib and a rotable basket, which enables smooth manouvering.
Hydraulic outriggers ensure fast deployment on site. The electro-hydraulic relay controlling can be serviced easily. All functions may be regulated separately and infinitely (proportionally) from the basket by the small „Fingertip“ joysticks, this is essential for the cautious approach to work areas


Video of TM15GT in action

Trailer-mounted Platforms
Articulated Trailer mounts
Model TM 13 G TM 15 GT TM 16 TJ TM 18 GT
Working height 13,10 m 15,60 m 16,00 m 18,00 m
Outreach 6,20 m 8,10 m 10,00 m 10,00 m
Max. basket load 220 kg 220 kg 200 kg 200 kg
Lenght 6,10 m 6,20 m 6,90 m 6,40 m
Width 1,50 m 1,64 m 1,64 m 1,64 m
Height 1,99 m 2,05 m 2,02 m 2,01 m
Weight 1.450 kg 1.850 kg 1.820 kg 2.070 kg
Self drive optional yes yes yes
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