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This series of robust and reliable articulated platforms is available with working heights between 13.2 and 23.5.

The „up and over“ function enables work to be carried out above building overhangs or other obstacles. Besides a choice of various vehicle installations, different outrigger configurations can also be selected.

Internally contained cabling and hosing, as well as clearly set out controls, provide the user with a maintenance-free and easy-to-use machine.

In addition to an extensive range of standard features, a wide range of special equipment is also available for the PX series.

The B200PX with 20 m working height ist he latest new model from Italian based manufacturer GSR. With its articulated telescope it is part of the Up-and-Over family. 300kg basket load are available in the full working diagram.

The E140P is an extrem compact machine with 14m working hight. Mounted on a 4×4 chassis like the Ford Ranger it provides usability outside of paved roads.

Truck mounted arial work platforms
GSR 3,5 to – Articulated Telescope Class
Type E140P Ford E 180 PX B 200 PX B 240 PX
Working Hight 13,20 m 17,80 m 20,00 m 23,50 m
Basket load 250 kg 250 kg 300 kg 250 kg
Max. outreach 6,00m / 200kg 7,60m / 250kg 8,55m / 300kg 12,3m / 250kg
Lenght 5,63 m 6,93 m 6,68 m 6,70 m
Width 1,85 m 2,27 m 2,27 m 2,20 m
Höhe 2,50 m 2,79 m 2,65 m 2,68 m
Slew movement 360 ° 450 ° 450 ° 450 °
Basket rotation ohne 140° 140° 140°
Energy cabling inside boom inside boom inside boom inside boom
Weight 3.200 kg 3.500 kg 3.500 kg 3.500 kg
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