PB-Eco Mini-Scissor for shopping mall

Rothlehner delivers Mini-Scissor platform to shopping mall in Hamburg

The shopping mall „Elbe-Einkaufszentrum“ in Hamburg took over a self-propelled PB-Eco Mini-Scissor platform type S06-7EC from Rothlehner by the end of 2015.

In addition to several Scissor-platforms and one DENKA•LIFT trailer mounted 16 meter machine, this electric scissor with 5.80m working height was now acquired. The task are mainly the installation and maintenance of lights and different cleaning jobs.

PB Eco Scherenbühne Rothlehner
The Mini-Scissor at typical duties in the shopping mall

The S06-7EC offers very compact dimensions and fits through a standard door with only 0.76m width. With a weight of 588kg the machine can be transported in an escalator to the next floor level. The platform extension offers a suitable work space and the foldable rails enables even the transport in common vans.

Lift-Manager Halle Jänkendorf
Transport via escalator is possible without folding down the rails