FS 330Z Vario

Műszaki adatok:
33,00 m
oldalirányú kinyúlás:
19,00 m
Kosár terhelhetőség:
200 kg
5900 kg
1,10 m


All Falcon Spider models are specifically designed to service, maintain or clean tall buildings in confined spaces. Especially in renting, at airports, in shopping malls or other buildings with high atriums and elaborate architecture, these compact and extremely maneuverable work platforms offer maximum benefits. The Falcon Spider work platforms fit through most standard doors.

The articulated Falcon Spider tracked platform FS330Z Vario sets new standards with its performance data. The two-armed joint, the four-part telescopic boom and the 110 ° jibbing movement offer the user an extraordinary device. The maximum working height is 33 meters, with max. 19 meters lateral reach, with a joint height of 11 meters.
The crawler undercarriage with variable width of 1.1 meters to 1.5 meters, offers an impressive speed.


Automatische Stabilitäts- und Reichweitenkontrolle
Proportionalsteuerung aller Funktionen
+/-90º Korbdrehung
Fähigkeit zur Selbstbeladung auf Lkw oder Anhänger
Hydraulisch breitenverstellbares Fahrwerk (1,1m-1,5 m)
Dieselmotor, Kubota 3 cyl. 21,7 kW
Drahtlose Fernbedienung für alle Funktionen
Nichtmarkierendes Raupenfahrwerk

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