Instant Lift ES30Tai

Technical data:
Manufacturing Year:
Working height:
5,00 m
Basket load:
240 kg
358 kg
0,74 m


As versatile helpers, the lightweight devices replace many a ladder, easel or mobile scaffold. Length: 1.26m Width: 0.74m Height: 1.81m

Due to the easy handling and the low weight, they can be used flexibly, e.g. for stocking shelves, installation work, or cleaning and painting work.In order to meet the increased demand, the Instant Lift ES30TAI has recently been added to the Rothlehner range.

This is a push-around scissor lift, i.e. it can be moved by hand without an electric drive. The device offers 5m working height and 240kg basket load. A total weight of 358 kg and a width of only 0.74 m make it the lightest and one of the narrowest devices in the 5 m class.


Paintwork blue
Battery drive 12 V 80 Ah, maintenance-free, fully automatic charger
Use for indoor areas
Automatic parking brakes on the front wheels
Swing door for upright access
battery charge indicator
Solid rubber tires, red, diameter 200 mm