More Falcons for Height for Hire

3 new Falcon Spider for Height for Hire –

Original article from (27.02.2018)

Irish international rental company Height for Hire has taken delivery of three 33 metre TCA Falcon FS330Z spider lifts.
Two of the spider lifts are the normal FS330Z machines with the regular crawler chassis, with the lifts other being the Vario version, featuring the new height adjustable chassis. The FS330Z features a dual sigma riser, telescopic boom and articulated jib, offering almost 19 metres of outreach at an up and over height of 10 metres.

Raupenbühne Falcon Spider FS330Z
Falcon FS330Z

All three Falcons have been equipped with the new Falcon Anti Entrapment System in the platform. If the operator should be pressed towards the Anti Entrapment System, the aerial lift will stop and reverse to its last safe position.

Raupenbühne Falcon Spider FS330Z
Das Bedienerschutzsystem von TCA Lift soll vor Einklemmen schützen

TCA Lift sales director Brian Falck Schmidt said: "We are very proud to have Height for Hire as our customer, and we want to thank Height for Hire for the good corporation through many years. Still, the best reference you can have as a manufacturer is when a large customer, such as Height for Hire, continues to place orders.
We are working on the philosophy not only to sell one single unit, but to create customer relations, in order for us to cooperate and to develop together with the customer. We would like to make innovative equipment, which is able to help our customers to work better and smarter, and built up on safety."

Established over 40 years ago, Height for Hire has a fleet of over 2,000 machines across 20 locations in the UK, Ireland, Slovakia and Hungary.