TCA Lift becomes Falcon Lift

New company name at the manufacturer of Falcon Spider Lifts –

Danish Falcon Spider lifts are used across the globe for maintenance works ranging from airports and shopping malls to theatres, among many others. While Falcon lifts are familiar to experts the world over, the company behind the lift remains unknown. With this in mind, TCA Lift A/S has now decided to change name to Falcon Lifts A/S.

"It’s perfectly natural for us to change name to Falcon Lift A/S and reap the benefits of an identification between the name of our most well-known lift and the name of our company, " says Finn Schlitterlau who, together with Thyge Mikkelsen, is co-owner and director of TCA Lift A/S, henceforth to be called Falcon Lifts A/S.
"The name change will signal a clear and sharply defined profile to customers worldwide and will contribute to fulfilling the company’s growth ambitions in the coming years. Asia in particular is a promising growth market, witnessing as it currently does a flurry of construction activity, including a series of new airports and shopping centres. "

TCA Falcon Spider Lift
Finn Schlitterlau (links) andThyge Mikkelsen from Falcon Lifts A/S in Odense, Denmark

The Falcon Spider has enjoyed widespread global success because it is lightweight and can access confined spaces, but it can also expand when the space allows it. For example, it can enter through a door that is less than a metre wide and two metres high. The lift is produced in various sizes with lifting heights ranging from 29 to 52 metres. The end of the lift holds a basket from which the operator can carry out any required tasks.