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The big narrow opens bigger working heights with 25 and 28 m by similar compact dimensions as the smaller narrows.

A minimum width of 0,88 m and under 2,0 m height make it possible to drive through a standard door. A 24 V – battery – package enables powerful lifting. Two steering axles and the hydraulik self drive guarantees an enormous maneuverability.


Special narrow appliances
large Narrow-DLN
Type DL 25 N DL 28 N
Working height 25 m 25/28 m
horizontal reach 10,6 m 12 m
Max. basket load 200 kg 200 kg / 120 kg
Power Battery Battery
Min. passage-width 0,88 m 0,88 m
Height 1,97 m 1,97 m
Length 7,1 m 7,31 m
Weight 2.610 kg 2.635 kg
Self-propelled yes yes
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