Denka-Lift DL22N_Narrow
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This well-proven range of small narrow platforms now comprises of two appliances with platform heights from 18.8 – 22 metres.

The external measurements are extremely compact for this platform height and allow platforms to be used where it was previously unthinkable. Especially the minimum entrance width of 0.89 meters with a height of under 2 metres allow the appliance to be taken through any standard door. Inside the building the Narrow literally unfolds to a telescope platform with an extremely wide range.The low weight and the standard, variable supports with 2 working areas allow for rational application in confined spaces. The Narrow can be manoeuvered with the standard 3 wheel drive with a 24 volt battery power supply, extremely quiet and fume free.


Special narrow appliances
Small Narrow-DLN
Type DL 19 N DL 22 N
Working height 18,8 m 22 m
horizontal reach 10,9 m 12 m
Max. basket load 200 kg 200 kg
Power Battery Battery
Min. passage-width 0,89 m 0,89 m
Height 2,14 / 1,95 m 2,14 / 1,95 m
Length 7,1 m 7,9 m
Weight 2.075 kg 2.300 kg
Self-propelled yes yes
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