GSR B220PXE Compact

Műszaki adatok:
21,50 m
oldalirányú kinyúlás:
11,20 m
Kosár terhelhetőség:
250 kg
3500 kg


The GSR B220PXE is next to the Comfort X version (extendable H-stabilisers at the front) also available in the compact version described here (with vehicle-wide stabilisers with vertical stabilisers at the rear and front).

The device is – as the name suggests – extremely compact and almost a meter shorter than the Mercedes. These advantages are particularly evident in cramped inner-city streets. Because the engine is located further back, the B220PX Isuzu has the opportunity to use its entire lateral reach beyond the driver’s cab compared to the Mercedes. Thanks to the better weight distribution, this model can achieve the same performance data with vehicle-wide stabilisers as the Mercedes with wide outriggers.

The B220PXE body has an articulation without a substructure under the work basket. This makes it particularly suitable for applications where obstacles have to be approached closely and precisely from above, e.g. on roofs.

An electro-hydraulic proportional control, a 180° rotating basket, shims, etc. are standard.
Optional options include the “automatic levelling” function, rotating beacons, special RAL colors, side walls, saw protection edges, and much more.