S225-24ES 4x4

Műszaki adatok:
22,30 m
Kosár terhelhetőség:
750 kg
14030 kg


The S225-24ES 4×4 of the TOP 24 series combines the elements “space”, “power” and “range”. It offers on your max. 7.20 mx 2.36 m mega deck platform with a whopping 750 kg load capacity. Even with fully extended 22.3m, the device can be moved.
Whether large-scale installation, installation work or maintenance work Outdoor on the building or indoor on large industrial sites – with the S225-24ES 4×4 you are prepared for it.

Within seconds, unevenness of the floor is leveled out with the automatic support system at the push of a button. This increases the application possibilities by a multiple, so can be, for example. Working on high external facades, even on irregular ground, directly and simply on the object.