S275-18ES 4x4

Műszaki adatok:
27,50 m
Kosár terhelhetőség:
900 kg
23000 kg


The S275-18ES 4×4 belongs to the category of narrow and high scissor lifts.
With a working height of only 27.50 m and a width of just 1.80 m, it is perfectly suited for working in high altitudes where space is limited. With 750 kg load capacity on the max. 8.40 m x 1.80 m platform is a frequent lifting of the past, because in addition to up to 4 people even heavy material and tools can be easily lifted up.

For strong and durable propulsion, the electro-hydraulic drive and the standard differential lock are responsible. A 25% climbing ability completes the overall package of driving characteristics outstanding. Incidentally, the scissor lift can also be fully operated in your indoor or outdoor use.
In the stand, the fully automatic support system ensures within seconds that work on high exterior facades directly on the object can be realized easily and safely, even on uneven ground conditions. Alternatively, the scissor lift is also available as PB S275-18E without support system.