Electrical engineer receives 18 meter spider lift

EasyLift R180 goes to Oerel in Lower Saxony

The company VA Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 2006 by the two managing directors Viebrock and Allermann, offers electrical installation, lighting technology, e-mobility, security technology, smart home and much more. The company, headquartered in Oerel, currently has around 60 employees.

A separate work platform has now been invested in for various work at height, such as electrical assembly or attaching lamps or cameras. The choice was an EasyLift R180 crawler platform with a maximum working height of 17.60m, lateral reach of 8.5m at 120kg, and a maximum basket load of 200kg.
As a standard, this model offers a hybrid drive consisting of a 230V mains and Honda GX390 petrol engine. Emission-free indoor use is just as possible as outdoor use. The weight of 2,300kg is distributed over the wide tracked chassis in a way that protects the floor. Thanks to the movable basket arm and rotating work basket, even winding routes can be reached.
The platform supplied has, among other things, the options “automatic levelling”, a diesel engine instead of petrol drive, non-marking chains and a cable remote control.
We also offer suitable transport trailers for all crawler platforms upon request.

We wish you successful operations with the EasyLift R180 crawler platform at all times!

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Electrical engineer receives 18 meter crawler platform
Taking over the brand new EasyLift R180: (from right) ceo Jens Viebrock and Oliver Wölpern (Elektrician)
Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Electrical engineer receives 18 meter crawler platform