Energy systems specialist receives GSR B220TJ

22m truck mounted work platform with lots of special equipment options

AKE-EBS Energieanlagen GmbH from Zwickau. Germany specializes in the construction and maintenance of overhead line and cable systems in the low and medium voltage range up to 30kV. Some of the maintenance and cleaning work is also carried out under voltage.

Now the company has replaced an older 16m truck-mounted work platform with a new GSR B220TJ with 1,000V isolation and a number of other individual equipment options. In this case, the basis for this is provided by an MB 414CDI chassis, which enables a higher payload and the realization of heavy attachments. The decision to buy from Rothlehner was the interesting overall package of service and good value for money.

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Energy supplier receives GSR B220TJ
Tom Günther from AKE EBS takes over the new GSR B220TJ

The GSR B220TJ on MB 414 CDI has a movable jib with a basket that can be rotated 180°, with which even hard-to-reach targets can be headed for. The operator has a working height of 22m, a lateral reach of 13.50m and a basket load of 250kg. The machine can be stabilised variably, i.e. one-sided, fried, or narrow.

In addition to a total of three large storage boxes, the machine supplied has the other options: “Automatic levelling& home function”, holder for traffic cones, and a surrounding side wall with lashing eyes.

We wish you every success with the new GSR B220TJ Comfort X!

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Energy supplier receives GSR B220TJ
Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Energy supplier receives GSR B220TJ