Craft company takes over 18m articulated telescopic platform

The first own work platform is something special. Rudi Süppel’s handicraft business in Rattelsdorf has also recently joined the circle of platform owners. The choice included a Europelift TM18GT with 18m working height, 10m horizontal outreach and 200kg basket load.

The company’s core competencies include: Installation and plumbing work on roofs and facades. The TM18GT articulated telescopic platform is particularly suitable for this type of work, since the “up and over” reach height can also be used to work over obstacles. The TM18GT also has a movable basket jib-arm and a rotating basket, which makes it particularly easy to maneuver at heights. The standard equipment includes a hybrid drive consisting of a 230V mains drive and a Honda petrol engine. The proportional, electro-hydraulic control is easy to maintain and user-friendly.

We wish you every success with the new working platform

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Europelift TM18GT for craft businesses

Rudi Süppel (left) and is instructed by Sven Illgen (Rothlehner work platforms) how to use the Europelift TM18GT