Community receives a fully repaired Denka lift DK18

The municipality Röderaue located north of Dresden has invested in a DK18 used device.

The machine – year of construction 2008 – was completely overhauled technically and optically by Lift-Manager, including new paint. The previous owner had replaced this device in 2019 with a new DENKA•LIFT DK18.

Mr. Vanselow and Mr. Müller (see photo) had both completed operator training at Lift-Manager prior to delivery.
The machine is used in the municipal building yard for general height work.

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Municipality of Röderaue receives refurbished DK18 built in 2008

The DENKA • LIFT DK18 offers 18m working height, 11.30m lateral reach and 200kg basket load. All machine details in the product video

The Denka lifts benefit from their long-lasting processing. A second and third stage life are no problem after a thorough revision. The popular, simple operation is common to all used and new devices, as is the high stability of the telescopic boom made of extruded aluminum profiles and the associated value retention.

We wish you successful assignments at all times!