New Truck Stage GSR B220PXE for Work Platform Rental Kirsch –

The work platform owner Helmut Kirsch in Pegnitz recently added a new GSR B220PXE to his fleet.
Founded in 1992, the company also offers scaffolding and services for construction site operations in addition to aerial work platform rental.
The new B220PXE will be used above all for work on roofs (for example, PV cleaning, roofers, chimney sweeps, etc.). The articulation without substructure under the work basket, this model is particularly well suited for these purposes.

The B220PXE offers 21.50m working height, 250kg basket load and maximum 11.40m (120kg) lateral reach. Electrohydraulic proportional control with H-pillars at the front and vertical outriggers at the rear. The delivered device has the options “Automatic levelling” and a rotating beacon.

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - GSR B220PXE an Arbeitsbühnenvermietung Kirsch