GSR B220TJ on Atego for forestry companies

7.5 ton truck stage with top equipment

Andreas Fischer is a professional forestry entrepreneur based in the Upper Franconian district of Kronach. His services as a logging contractor include providing forestry services. The felling operations often take place in impassable terrain, for example when railway and power lines are being cut clear again after a storm. These requirements require a machine with very good off-road mobility and high support lift.

The choice was therefore a GSR B220TJ on a MB Atego 823 AF 4×4 chassis. The off-road vehicle with single off-road tires and large support lift offers a working height of 22 m, a lateral reach of over 13.2 m and a basket load of 250 kg. Vertical supports with a high support lift ensure secure stability even on terrain.

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - GSR B220TJ on Atego for forestry companies

The device has a long, movable basket arm and a rotatable basket, which can also be used to control angled locations. Vertical supports are used at the front and rear; the support is vehicle-wide.

Depending on individual customer requirements, a variety of special equipment can be installed on 7.5t truck platforms, which is not possible on 3.5t models for weight reasons. Andreas Fischer chose these options for his B220TJ, among others:
– Holder for traffic cones
– folding aluminum side walls, 200 mm high
– Automatic support + home function
– Wiper brushes on the telescopic ends
– Hardwood saw protection edge on work basket
– Storage box 500 x 500 x 1400 mm

We wish you successful operations with the new GSR truck work platform at all times!

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - GSR B220TJ on Atego for forestry companies