GSR B220TJ Comfort X

Műszaki adatok:
22,00 m
oldalirányú kinyúlás:
14,00 m
Kosár terhelhetőség:
250 kg
3500 kg
2,19 m


With the B220TJ, GSR offers a jib device of the latest generation.
The operator has a working height of 22.0 m, a basket load of 250 kg and a maximum horizontal outreach of 13.20 m. The jib can be moved by 130°; In combination with the basket that can be rotated by 180°, even difficult locations can be perfectly controlled.

The device with electrohydraulic control uses H-stabilisers that can be extended at the front and rear. The stabilization can be chosen variably, i.e. narrow, wide or to one side.  Automatic Levelling and the “Home-Function” as well as the “walk-in” basket with easy access are optional.

The B220TJ is aimed at professional landlords, building cleaners, tree cutters, electrical and many more.