Technical data:
Working height:
10,00 m
Basket load:
230 kg
2090 kg
0,81 m
Traction Battery


The PB ECo S100-8EZ with electric direct drive, powered by traction batteries, is a compact class scissor lift. It allows a working height of 10.00 m indoors. With the sensitive proportional control (drive, raise, lower) the stage can be moved comfortably and the platform can be maneuvered vertically upwards.

The platform of the stage measures 2.30 m x 0.81 m and has a load capacity of 230 kg. With an additional displacement of 0.91 m in the longitudinal direction, the platform increases to a maximum of 3.21 m x 0.81 m, which provides space for 2 workers indoors, including materials and tools.

The compactness of the PB ECo S100-8EZ is particularly evident in its dimensions: it has a length of 2.49 m, a width of 0.81 m and a total height of 2.20 m, which makes it comparatively slim. With the easy-to-fold railing, the height can even be reduced to a compact 1.90 m.

Thanks to its low weight of 2,090 kg, its 90° steering and its small turning radius, the PB ECo S100-8EZ can be moved quickly and maneuverably – even at full height without any problems.

Optional equipment:

230V socket in the work basket