Technical data:
Working height:
14,00 m
Basket load:
320 kg
3300 kg


The PB ECo S140-12EL with electric direct drive and 14m working height is a scissor lift of the compact class. The platform has a size of 2.26 mx 1.15 m and is equipped with a load capacity of 320 kg. An additional displacement of 0.90 m in the longitudinal direction increases the platform to max. 3.16 m x 1.15 m, which means that 2 people can fit inside, including material and tools.
With a length of 2.49 m, a width of 1.18 m, and a total height of 2.65 m, the scissor lift presents itself comparatively slim. With the easy folding railing, the height can be reduced to a low 2.03 m. Due to its low weight of 3,300 kg at 14m working height, your 90 ° steering and the small turning radius, the PB ECo S140-12EL is fast and manoeuvrable – and this also without problems in full height.