Donate to the Wolfsegg Volunteer Fire Department

The Wolfsegg Volunteer Fire Department plays an indispensable role in our community by standing by around the clock to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies. With her commitment and professionalism, she protects lives, property and ensures the safety of citizens.

We just wanted to thank the Volunteer Fire Department Wolfsegg for this achievement. For this reason, the company Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen GmbH, together with the associated service company Lift-Manager, donated an amount of 3000€ to Volunteer Fire Department Wolfsegg. Since the donation was made at the end of 2023, a delayed symbolic handover took place. We were all the more pleased to see that the first investments in new equipment had already been made (see photo). For example, in a mobile privacy wall, a floor hose reel and a gas warning device. Tools for opening apartment doors are also purchased. This further improves the operational readiness and efficiency of the Volunteer Fire Department Wolfsegg.

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Donate to the Wolfsegg Volunteer Fire Department
„Von links: Robert Rothlehner, 1. Kommandant Josef Niedermayer, 1. Vorstand Christian Lehner, Thomas Rothlehner“

We wish the Wolfsegg Volunteer Fire Department successful and safe operations to protect citizens at all times!