German rental company renews DENKA•LIFT inventory

Gerken GmbH has had DENKA•LIFTs in its rental program since the 1990s.

Two new DENKA type DK25 trailer-mount work platforms were recently delivered to Düsseldorf, the headquarters of Gerken. The 25m telescopic devices DK25 offer 11.40m horizontal outreach and 200kg maximum basket load with a dead weight of less than 2.5 tons.

The production of DENKA-LIFTs was taken over by Rothlehner in 2013. Since then, the devices have been produced and further developed in Germany.

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Two DK25 for Gerken
v.l.: Herr Kecmezi (Mitarbeiter Firma Gerken) übernimmt den neuen DK25 von Herrn Kapp (Firma Rothlehner / Lift-Manager)
Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Two DK25 for Gerken