Rental company increases trailer fleet with TM18GT and TM13G

The long-standing customer Wocken from Meppen had ordered two Europelifts, a TM13G and a TM18GT.
The TM18GT from this order is the 300th Europelift that Rothlehner has brought onto the market after eight years of cooperation with the Hungarian manufacturer.

‘WOCKEN Industriepartner GmbH & Co. KG’ is the general point of contact for industrial and craft companies and offers wholesale, service and a rental shop comprising 400,000 products, including approx. 400 aerial work platforms and construction equipment in all common categories. The company, which has around 300 employees and is headquartered in Meppen in the Emsland region, looks back on over 70 years of history and is now run by the second generation of Martin and Robert Wocken.
Rothlehner was able to deliver the first DENKALIFTs to Wocken as early as the early 1990s.

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Europelift number 300 goes to Wocken
Jens Burrichter (left, manager of the Wocken rental shop) takes over the 300th Europelift device -a TM18GT- from Stephan Opfer (Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen). On the right side is the TM13G

The articulated telescope TM18GT offers 18m working height, 10.50m lateral reach and 200kg basket load with a weight of 2t.
The articulated platform TM13G offers 13.10 m working height, 6.2 m lateral reach and 220 kg in the basket, with a weight of 1,450 kg. Like all Europelifts, both trailer working platforms have a proportional control, a movable cage arm and a rotatable cage including a socket. The Wocken company decided to use a 24V battery drive for both devices.

All Europelift models (with working heights from 13m to 18m) score with their excellent price-performance ratio. Landlords and tradespeople are important customers for trailer work platforms. End users regularly choose Europelifts because of their ease of use and robust, purpose-oriented equipment. Many different drive variants are available.

We wish you successful operations with the two new Europelifts at all times!

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Europelift number 300 goes to Wocken
Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - Europelift number 300 goes to Wocken