TM13T and TM16GT go to Austria

As an example for many projects in Austria, we report here on two deliveries of Europelift trailer platforms.
The devices were handed over by Bernhard Spörk (Head of the Rothlehner Austria branch) and properly instructed.

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - More Europelifts delivered

TM16GT for Photovoltaik Freyenschlag

The TM16GT trailer platform is intended to facilitate the assembly, maintenance and cleaning of the photovoltaic systems in the future. In particular, Mr. Freyenschlag was enthusiastic about the compact design and simple operation. The calm behavior of the stage despite the large range made the instruction perfect.

Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen - More Europelifts delivered

TM13T for Kaminsanierung Baumgartner

The TM18GT, which has been in use for 4 years, has got a little brother – the TM13T.
Nadine and Daniel Baumgartner couldn’t imagine the stages without them and have now taken over the 13m stage with great joy.

We wish you always successful operations with the new Europelift trailer platforms!